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Buckingham Park Parish Council 

Originally Buckingham Park was a part of Weedon Parish Council and we are grateful for their help and support in the early days of our development. In May 2011 Buckingham Park Parish Council was established and elections held for the first councillors to be appointed.

A parish council is a local authority found in England which is the first tier of local government and closest to the community it serves. We are a civil parish and our boundaries are aligned with those of our development and are not in any way related to a Church Parish.

The range of services and amenities provided by parishes varies enormously. Many provide public seats and shelters, litter bins and notice boards. Some provide recreation grounds, public halls, cemeteries, allotments and swimming pools. All play an important role in maintaining and improving local services and facilities, supporting local voluntary organisations and activities and influencing and lobbying on local development.

However, as Buckingham Park is still to be adopted from developers, many of the services we aspire to provide in the future do not yet fall under our remit. One of our key roles is currently to work with developers, and lobby Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council to get action taken for our community.

Buckingham Park Parish Council consists of 8 Councillors who serve a 4 year term of office. Parish Councillors are unpaid members of the community.

The Parish Council Meets on the first Tuesday of each month (except for August) at our Community Centre at 8pm. Residents and the general public are welcome to attend.

Contact Details: keith.gray6@btopenworld.com